El Hijo - Madrilena

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Kolejny album solowego projektu wokalisty zespołu Migala - jednej z najważniejszych grup indie-rocka w Hiszpanii.

Migala was a rock-based experimental band hailing from Madrid, Spain. The band was known for its complex, varied, and often cathartic musical arrangements, heavily influenced by pop, post-rock, folk, and traditional Spanish music. And now El Hijo (“The Son”) is Abel Hernández, whose sheltering voice used to appear on Migala and finally delivers his second “solo” album after a couple of Eps and a debut album (“Las otras Vidas”, 2007).

“Madrileña” offers 10 new tunes sung in Spanish that thrive in a personal songwriting coming from both his emotional and musical roots, where chamber pop collides with orchestral folk ballads in a graceful blend of storytelling (many of the songs are about several characters living in Madrid) and rich instrumentation. Anyone with a soft spot for Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine or Pascal Comelade could be fallen for El Hijo as well.


1. Siempre ella
2. La palmera
3. A Belén
4. Los naranjos
5. El hada de los dulces
6. Llama, carbón, nube, vapor
7. Quebradizo y transparente (Madrileña)
8. Por si Charlie Pace no pudo acabarla
9. Balada baladí
10. Toda la noche nevando