Conrad Schnitzler - Filmmusik 2

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In  the  year  1975  Conrad  Schnitzler  recorded  various  pieces  of  music  to accompany  films  which  had  yet  to  be  made.  Fittingly,  he  labelled  this collection of songs “Filmmusik”. Only one of the tracks — “Gute Fahrt” (Nice Journey)  — would ultimately  be  paired  with  a  film,  now traceable  on  the internet  for  all  to  see.  The  music  is  included  on  Part  1  of  our  Filmmusik double release, erroneously entitled “02/1980”. Why the incorrect title? The tapes which served as source material for our two Filmmusik releases were copied  onto  two  data  carriers  then  mislabelled.  To  be  precise,  one  label was accurate — “Filmmusik 1975 A” — but the other, “Filmmusik 1980 B”, was not. All the tracks had been created in the same year, so it should have read “1975 B”. In the absence of actual song titles, we simply gave them numbers. Ignorant of the above mentioned film at the time, we called the track “02/1980”, when we should have called it “02/1975 B” or, as we would later discover, “Gute Fahrt”.

Shortly  after  we  released “Filmmusik 1”,  Jin  Kawai, curator  of  the  official Schnitzler  website,  contacted  us  to  set  us  right.  In 2009, whilst sorting through reels of film (some shot by Schnitzler himself) and music to upload to the site, Kawai was particularly drawn to one piece
entitled “Gute Fahrt”. Were there any more tracks like this? Schnitzler told him there were and sent Kawai all of the other recordings.
One half of “Filmmusik 2” comprises tracks from the 1975 series, the other half is a 23 minute piece with the title “Lichtpunkte und schwarze Zeichen”. This music was actually written for a film (which can also be found on the internet,  naturally)  in  1978.  We  were  delighted  to  find  it  in  2015  and enthusiastically searched the Schnitzler archives for more of the same. This led us to the (in some cases, incorrectly labelled) 1975 recordings and the rest is history...