Pseudocode - Slaughter In A Tiny Place

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Odkurzenie legendarnej belgijskiej grupy Pseudocode i jej niepublikowana dotąd muzyka improwizowana, z lat 1980-82

Legendary Belgian electronic improvised music band 
including 12 unreleased tracks. Recorded between the beginning of 1980 to the end of 1982.

Pseudocode features Xavier Ess (Thrills) Guy-Marc Hinant, Alain Neffe (Insane Music, BeNne GeSSeRit, Human Flesh, Subject, I Scream... ).
While Xavier S. contributes most of the lyrics and vocals, 
and it is Guy-Marc Hinant who often plays the core melody on his Pianet electric piano, Neffe's contributions are particularly noteworthy throughout, as he weaves together the bulk of the sonic cloth through overdubbing and mixing. One of his parts are remotely virtuosic (hence his self-identification as a non-musician), but they are always unexpected and perfect in and of themselves, emotionally and sonically, and in that sense they are deeply musical. This record is the missing link between the 2 EP's / the 2 Potlach cassettes and Europa, the final recored - and probably their best work.

Captagon Years

In that time, the onset of the eighties, we had the opportunity to create from sound itself instead of notes, from noise, screams, any chord, relevant or irrelevant.
Xavier (with Stéphane Barbery, Digital Dance), had been in one of Brussels' first punk bands, Thrills. Alain had over 10 years of music experience and was influenced by kosmische musik and all kinds of weird and experimental music; he had put together several improvisation ensembles in the area, including the noisy Kosmose, which I joined as a teenager. Now that I had digested punk, I was into Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, The Pop Group, Red Crayola, This Heat... and all these influences show up upon listen.
This double vinyl was made with in mind the urgency of these times. All tracks are unpublished and in this sub-collection, we intend to release a series of LP like they would be released at that time.


Avant-garde heavyweights, Sub Rosa present a fascinating collection of previously unpublished darkwave experiments from a young Belgian trio circa 1980-82. It's an area that's been extensively mined for precious oils and gases by the likes of Dark Entries, Minimal Wave and Wierd Records among others, but you can trust Sub Rosa to strike upon seams of the sort of expressive gold which Psueodcore specialized in. The trio of Xavier Ess, Alain Neffe and Guy Marc Hinant would meet up almost every sunday at a small studio in the Charleroi suburbs, plug in, and jam on an array of drum machines, synths, tape-loops and exotic instrumentation for the two years between 1980 and 1982. In Guy's sleevnotes he states "We weren't friends, we very rarely saw each other outside of this action", so this was almost essentially three loosely connected people converging their energies in the most esoteric, telepathic mode. These 12 recordings capture their dark imaginations in flow, Xavier's disaffected vocals borrowing some of Genesis P-Orridge's torment, but adding his own idiosyncratic expression, while the sounds range from incredibly ethereal 20 minute hypnotisers such as 'Fight Back (The Angels)' to scrawny garage blasts and empty-stomach experimentalism on 'You're Not Alone'. All together this is the quintessential sound of early '80s mittel-European ennui and it's massively recommended if that appeals to you.



growing down

you're not alone

cut up


flesh shop

fight back (the angels)

i don't say more

slaughter in a tiny place

sad song

kind of a bitch

another country

refuse the punishment