UT - Early Live Life

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OUT RECORDS and FORTE DISTRIBUTION Announce the next UT Release in the Remastered Reissue Series of UT's back catalog: Early Live Life is a compilation of some of UT's best live performances from 1979-1985, spanning their origins in New York City to their migration to London in late 1981. The CD also includes the addition of a 1981 gig at The Venue in London, originally released as the cassette Ut Live at The Venue in early 1982 and reissued on vinyl for Record Store Day in April 2018. RThe live tracks jump out of the vinyl with some verve, as visceral now as they were Live back in the 80s. This is searing no-wave power in the live setting, originally released in 1987 by BLAST FIRST records. "There really was nothing like the storm and squall they summoned at their most powerful_ Breathtaking and bold." Early Live Life - No. 24 in 'Rock's 50 Most Extreme Albums', Uncut, March 2018

1. Fire In Philadelphia
2. Brink Over Chicken
3. Surgery
4. Ampheta Speak
5. While I Wait
6. Mouse Sleep
7. Sharp's Loose
8. This Bliss
9. No Manifesto
10. Feed
11. Limbo
12. Glue (Bonus track)
13. Swamp (Bonus track)
14. Mere Animal In A Pre-Fact Clamour (Bonus track)
15. Ambule H.C.B. (Bonus track)
16. Not Any More (Bonus track)