The Key - Cleared

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Premiera: 29.10.2020

CLEARED are Steven Hess & Michael Vallera. The Key was assembled and mixed by Vallera at home in the winter of 2019-2020. Chicago's pale, uncertain winter light, which renders objects with a kind of clarity, shorn of glamour or pretense, may have lent something to the album's aura of lucidity. Meditative and purposeful, Cleared display a preternatural ability to hover on a suspended moment, at the edge of what is yet to come - a liminal space between anxiety and calm.

01: The Key
02: Bonded
03: Of Air
04: Mesa
05: The Key (Philip Jeck Reimagining)
06: Bonded (Fennesz Reimagining)
07: Of Air (Bethan Kellough Reimagining)
08: Mesa (Olivia Block Reimagining)