Scul Hazzards - Epitaph: Reset

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Trzecia, pożegnalna płyta królów australijskiego noise rocka. Noise-rock na skrzyżowaniu Shellac i My Disco.

This album was recorded in 2015 as the band was becoming increasingly inactive. Fortunately we were able to capture this in a final recording session. The recording since lay dormant in the potential of a vinyl release, but as the band lowered into permanent inactivity it became apparent that a vinyl release would not be feasible, so here it is in free to distribute digital format.

These are all our unreleased songs except one, which we may be uploaded in the future with the other demos for this album. Some of these songs were written while we were living in London from around 2009 to 2011, some were written over a few years in Melbourne. But what finally got us recording was a sudden writing spurt of a handful of songs in the months leading up to the recording session, where we finally had enough songs for an LP.

I think you will find that the dormant writing periods have no ill effect on the overall consistency of the album. We hope it is a fitting end to the band and that you enjoy it.