RENALDO & THE LOAF - The Elbow Is Taboo / Elbonus (2CD)

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'The Elbow is Taboo' was Renaldo & The Loaf's fourth album and was released by Ralph in America, Torso in The Netherlands and Some Bizzare in the UK in 1987. You can hear a great technological step forward immediately. Also, the list of analogue instruments played on this album seems endless. Included is one of their most popular songs, "Hambu Hodo" which was also released as a 12" single, and a cover version of the song "Boule!" by French band Ptose. Sadly, it turned out to be their last album, the split followed soon afterwards. As with the other re-issues of this great band's recordings, we offer this new and remastered edition as a double CD. "Elbonus" features not only the legendary 12" of Hambu Hodo, but also the unreleased 7" mix. There's also the the material that was issued on the scarce Hambu Hodo Tak Awa CD-R given away to 5 personal friends and some further unreleased stuff. A must-have by who is often called The English Residents.

Track list: 1. A Street Called Straight 2. Boule! 3. The Elbow Is Taboo 4. Hambu Hodo 5. Dance For Somnambulists 6. Here's To The Oblong Boys 7. The Bread Song 8. Critical / Dance 9. Extracting The Re-Re 10. El Boaca Pella 11. Hambu Hodo (7" Version) 12. Writing Postcards (From Italy) 13. Mouldy Bread On Bent Street 14. Just Lazy Zen, Martin 15. Doctor Vesner 16. Returning The Re-Re 17. Howl On The Bowline (A-Shanti 18. Then At Iona Lanthem 19. Hambu Hodo (12" Single Version)