Peter Brötzmann & Bill Laswell - Low Life - Last Exit [vinyl]

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Last Exit: Peter Brötzmann (ts), Sonny Sharrock (g), Bill Laswell (el-b), Shannon Jackson (dr, voc), recorded 1986
Low Life: Peter Brötzmann (b-sax) & Bill Laswell (el-b), recorded 1987
Set loose at last, Last Exit is a record of extraordinary power and concision. It is a lexicon of lightning, making improvisation vivid in jagged, flashing, flaring soundbursts. The group's lustral, emotion-loaded music - and indeed, the savage volume level at which it is administered - rules out neutral fence-sitting. You're either for these musicians and the directions they represent, or against them, it seems to me. Indifference is not an option. Personally, I still consider the group's emergence a sort of 7th-Cavalry-to-the-rescue scene in the final reel of The Story Of Free Jazz. Within a year the quartet had become very precise, tight on its own terms. 'You know, I really feel the Exit quartet is getting stronger all the time,' Peter Brötzmann said last year. 'We've been through our 'power-playing' period, I don't want to be typecast as just a 'blaster.' Now the 's-t' is really wide open. It can go anywhere. The interaction is getting to be very sensitive - though I'm sure there'll always be some of the good old passion and violence. But there's a lot of potential still to be explored, and I hope we get the chances to explore it.' Steve Lake, 1990

Low Life
A1 Death Rattle 4:28
A2 Low Life 3:33
A3 Disengage 3:01
A4 Wheeling Vultures 3:52
A5 Curved Dog 1:34
A6 Abasement 1:39
A7 Tingle Hairs 4:13
A8 The Last Detective 2:33
Last Exit
B1 Hard School 19:05
B2 Brain Damage 6:20