Hugo Race & The True Spirit - The Goldstreet Sessions [vinyl 180g + downloadcode]

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  • Producent: Gusstaff
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(english version below)

Po 16 latach Gusstaff Records wznawia doskonałą płytę Hugo Race and The True Spirit "Goldstreet Sessions" wydaną tylko na CD przez Glitterhouse Records - po raz pierwszy na winylu, limitowany nakład 500 szt. na czarnym 180g winylu!
Dodatkowo jeszcze bardziej limitowana oraz numerowana wersja to 66 szt. z tego nakładu, która zostanie wzbogacona o 7"EP z dwoma niepublikowanymi utworami, wycięta przez Wujka Gusstaffa w ramach serii Don't Sit On My Vinyl! - TUTAJ

Był to nowy materiał po 4 latach przerwy... (wydana w międzyczasie na podwójnym CD kompilacja "Long Time Ago" to przegląd przez 10 lat jego solowej działalności). To dziewiąty album Hugo Race'a, przy którym oczywiście nadal musiał mierzyć się z porównaniami z Bad Seeds i odwołaniami do Nicka Cave'a, z którym grał na wielu płytach: "From Her To Eternity", "Kicking Against The Pricks", "Tender Pray" oraz "Murder Ballads".
Hugo Race uparcie jednak poszedł własną drogą, której podstawą nadal był brudny, mroczny, energetyczny australijski blues. Henry Rollins nazwał go "jednym z dziedzictw - bogactw narodowych Australii" i nie było w tym ani słowa przesady.

After 16 years this album will be released the first time on vinyl at Gusstaff Records in limited edition of 500 copies. 66 copies will be even more limited - with an additional 7" (two unreleased tracks) cut by Uncle Gusstaff (lathe cut) in the sublabel Don't Sit On My Vinyl.

It was the 9th album of Hugo Race & The True Spirit, one of the most important in his very long history of solo activity.

Hugo Race, formerly of The Wreckery and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and now an internationally based producer, composer, performer and author, delivers intense sonic soundscapes that merge folk, experimentalism, electronica and rock. Originally from the 1980's Melbourne post-punk music scene, Hugo’s ever-expanding network of collaborations, bands and multimedia projects are spread over several continents.

“…Recorded in Berlin, Melbourne and Catania, the Goldstreet Sessions has a warm live feel. True Spirit are joined here by Sicilian writer and singer Marta Collica (who also teams up with Race in Sepiatone) and Swans/Angels of Light guitarist Kristof Hahn. It opens with the low synth ruminations and trumpet blasts of “LSD is Dead”. The kick drum’s motorik beat sets an urgent pace, which Race’s deep baritone effortlessly takes in its stride. Elsewhere, his arrangements imaginatively deploy soupy wells of bass, harps and a beatbox intertwined over puckered jazz and soft electronics…. intense atmospherics echoing through dark skies…”

Eclipsed (Berlin):
“Goldstreet Sessions” holds up a mirror to a world that is cold, dusty and dangerous. His (Race’s) texts are merciless, like reality… “silence is golden, silence has its price” he whispers in “Hush Money”, giving the definition of the blues as black music a whole new meaning… alternatively, songs like “Premonition” and “Midas Touch” are strangely optimistic – Hugo Race goes Leonard Cohen. A masterpiece of psychotic blues…”

Frankfurter Rundschau:
“Goldstreet Sessions” is Race’s latest blues-mutation, defining a sound between triphop, ambient and rock - the toughest and most intense record of his career. These trips are difficult – listen to the opener “LSD is Dead” or “Makes Me Mean”. Race and his colleagues are way badder than Calexico, much more distorted and twisted than today’s Bad Seeds, and bluesier than any electronica/triphop project you care to mention. We take this ambient-electro-blues-trip rolling a cigarette with our eyes closed and shaking up the next gin-tonic…”

Side A:
1 LSD Is Dead [05:45]
2 Makes Me Mean [05:16] |
3 A.M. Radio [04:18]
4 Hush Money [05:51]
Side B:
5 Premonition [04:56]
6 Midas Touch [04:24]
7 Is Your Love Strong [06:39]
8 Ramacca [06:16]