Gramm (Jan Jelinek) - Personal Rock (Reissue) [vinyl 2LP + downloadcode]

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  • Producent: Faitiche
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Premiera: 01.04.2019

Twenty years ago, Jan Jelinek's debut album Personal Rock was released by Source Records. Under the pseudonym Gramm, it brings togethereight tracks that have not been available on vinyl since their original release.Faitiche is very glad to announce the re-release of the album: Personal Rockwill appear as a double LP featuring the original cover artwork. What people wrote about Personal Rock two decades ago: "Situated somewhere between Jelinek's much loved Loop-FindingJazz Records, Farben, Move D's Conjoint project and Atom Heart's most immersivework for Rather Interesting, it's a late night album full of subtle productiontricks and melodic House structures that belong to the pre-millennial IDMheyday, but which transcend its overly-masculine templates." (Boomkat) "A serene little masterpiece" (De:Bug) "Though many producers have pushed forward theclicks-and-cuts style of experimental ambience developed by Germanexperimentalists Oval (among others), few have been able to matchtheir knack for making abstract cuts into pieces of undeniable beauty. JanJelinek's first LP as Gramm is one of the precious few, and it'sobvious from the opener." (AllMusic) "Organized in organic structures and minimal movements, thetracks get into utopian states and super-desirable moods, offering superiorcontentedness and dependable taste of the kind seldom sustained for a wholealbum. (...) Subway-Escalator-Soul." (Spex)