Zeitkratzer & Keiji Haino - Electronics

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Zeitkratzer to zespół złożony z gwiazd muzycznej awangardy. Hasło jakie im przyświeca to: Różnicuj, poszukuj i baw się dobrze! Niewielu wirtuozowskim zespołom muzyki współczesnej przyświeca podobne motto. Ale też niewielu łączy w swoim repertuarze kompozycji Iannisa Xenakisa z coverami utworów Whitehouse, piosenkami ludowymi oraz uproszczonymi wersjami dzieł Arnolda Schönberga. Niewiele wreszcie współpracuje z twórcami sceny noise (Keiji Haino, Merzbow), konceptualnej elektroniki (Terre Thaemlitz) czy muzyki rockowej (Lou Reed). Zeitkratzer to wyzwanie rzucone kompozytorom przez wybitnie utalentowanych wykonawców.

"Electronics" to album nagrany wraz z Keiji Haino, ikoną japońskiej awangardy.

Recenzja z Boomkat:

Noise ensemble Zeitkratzer join forces with Japanese avant-garde icon Keiji Haino for a live set recorded at the Volsbuhne, Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin. The sleeve for this record seems highly apt, looking for all the world like it's depicting the scene in Dracula where Jonathan Harker gets whisked away to the castle by his demonic horse and carriage. It's almost certainly just some guy innocently traveling over a mountain pass somewhere very far away from the Carpathian Mountains, but there's a certain vampiric romance that comes with the waifish, streak of black leather that is Haino, and his presence on this recording is every bit as uncanny and eerie as his persona would have you believe. Setting a tremulous falsetto against the might Zeitkratzer orchestra, on 'Aria I' and 'Aria II' Haino sounds not so much like a singer but more a lost soul waiting to be exorcised. The wall of confrontational harmonics behind him serves as the perfect sonic pedestal for Haino's creepy, yet alluring voicings - it's difficult and noisy (not to mention utterly bizarre) but somehow it succeeds in being one of the most arrestingly beautiful things you're likely to hear this week. Next up 'Sinfonia' brings Haino's guitar firmly into play, and you'll hear it wrenched about the place amongst a flurry of industrial-scale terror in the concert hall. Finally, Haino takes part in a drumming duo, beginning as a patient exchange of percussive ideas before ascending into maelstromic flurries of full-kit punishment. Superb.


1 Aria I (Bass Clarinet ? Hayden Chisholm) 10:09
2 Aria II (Bass Clarinet ? Frank Gratkowski) 13:19
3 Sinfonia (Bass Clarinet ? Hayden Chisholm) 24:52
4 Bonus: Drum Duo (Drums ? Keiji Haino) 8:35

Cello ? Anton Lukoszevieze
Composed By [Constructed By] ? Keiji Haino, Zeitkratzer
Design ? Andreas Eberlein [aromaberlin]
Double Bass ? Ulrich Phillipp
Electronics ? Marc Weiser
Guitar, Voice, Electronics ? Keiji Haino (tracks: 1 to 3)
Liner Notes [English Translation] ? Laurie Schwartz
Percussion ? Maurice De Martin
Piano, Piano [Inside-piano], Producer, Mixed By, Mastered By, Composed By [Constructed By] ? Reinhold Friedl
Sound Designer [Sound], Mastered By, Mixed By ? Ralf Meinz
Trumpet ? Franz Hautzinger
Tuba ? Melvyn Poore
Violin ? Burkhard Schlothauer

Recorded live at Volksbhüne am Rosa Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin, Germany, November 11, 2005 and at Donaufestival Krems, Austria, April 21, 2006.
Special thanks to Ekkehard Ehlers, Christoph Gurk, Julia Heimerdinger, Kerstin Jaunich, Zbigniew Karkowski, Markus Kritzokat, Sarah Wong, Tomas Zierhofer-Kien.
This publication was supported by Deutscher Musikrat gemeinnnützige Projektgesellschaft mbH.