Zeitkratzer / Alvin Lucier - Old School

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Alvin Lucier is one of the most outstanding American minimalists -- he could be called a sound physician and his compositions regarded as acoustic research settings. Often, his pieces turn inside-out the inner properties of the room they are played in and the instrument that they are played on. Zeitkratzer had the chance to work with the composer in Dijon, France in 2008, and continued to work on and to program his music in different places. The Philharmonie in Luxembourg turned out to be the ideal space for recording. On this CD, you can hear how Lucier enables Zeitkratzer to create sounds most people have never heard before. Ringing overtones, a singing piano, a thrilling concert triangle, pencils on little objects, and how irritating a violoncello, a viola and a piano can sound together, creating sonic interferences. This music is not only a physical phenomenology, but becomes inherently a sensual listening experience. Directed by Reinhold Friedl. Musicians include: Burkhard Schlothauer (violin, viola, objects), Anton Lukoszevieze (violoncello, objects), Uli Phillipp (objects), Reinhold Friedl (piano, objects), Maurice de Martin (triangle, objects), Frank Gratkowski (objects), Hayden Chisholm (objects), Matt Davis (objects), Hilary Jeffery (objects) and Ralf Meinz (sound).