Flesh Eaters - Dragstrip Riot [vinyl 2LP]

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Płyta z 1991 roku, nowa, oryginalnie zafoliowana, nacięcie na okładce (ok, 1-2 cm).


The Flesh Eaters are an American punk rock band, formed in Los Angeles, California in 1977. They are the most prominent of the bands which have showcased the compositions and singing of their founder, punk poet Chris Desjardins, known as Chris D. While Desjardins is the group's only continual member, The Flesh Eaters' lineup has drawn from some of the most famous bands of the L.A. punk scene, such as The Plugz, X, The Blasters and Los Lobos.

The band's greatest success was in the early 1980s. Though a part of that era's productive punk rock scene, their music was distinctive for its morbid lyricism and often for its sophisticated arrangements, as heard, for example, on 1981's A Minute to Pray, A Second To Die. Desjardins's poetry has been described as "wonderful bleeding collages of B-movie dementia, street crime, Mexican Catholicism and Dionysian punk spurt poetics.".[1]

The band recently reformed and tours the Los Angeles area on occasion.