Forma - OFF / ON

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Mark Dwinell and Sophie Lam
Moog LP, Moog Prodigy, Roland SH-1000, Roland RS-09, Oberheim SEM, Yamaha CS-15, Korg Lambda, Akai AX73, DSI Tetra, DSI Mopho, Crumar DS-2

George Bennett
Roland TR-707, Roland TR-606, Alesis HR-16B

MÉCANIQUE recorded and mixed live at WBAR, NY, April 2012
All other tracks recorded and mixed live at the Schoolhouse, Brooklyn, NY, January - August 2012

Additional mixing and recording on OFF, FORMA 313, and FORMA 315 by Andrew Veres at Star Room II, Cleveland, OH, August 2012

Mastered by Andrew Veres
Cut at Dubplates and Mastering, Berlin

Photo by Kaja Thrastardottir
Design by Zhanna Chausovskaya

OFF/ON is an evolutionary act of fissure, the opening of a rift in FORMA?s sonic landscape. The second LP from the Brooklyn cosmic synth trio of Mark Dwinell, Sophie Lam, and George Bennett, OFF/ON?s universe is darker, its terrain more enigmatic and aggressive than 2011?s critically acclaimed S/T. Recorded at the renowned Schoolhouse space in Bushwick, OFF/ON combines swirling arpeggiations, gnarled sequences, and deconstructed Motorik rhythms to conjure an atmosphere of entropic propulsion by unseen forces. Yet the emotional summits of OFF/ON are greater than those of its predecessor, its crystalline melodic peaks made more pronounced by the shadowed depths below. It is this synthesis that gives OFF/ON its singular vision; a sense of unity forged by its own inner tensions.


1. OFF
2. FORMA313
3. FORMA278
4. FORMA286B
5. FORMA306C
7. FORMA339/333
8. FORMA293
9. FORMA358
10. FORMA315