Philus - Kolmio [vinyl 12"EP]

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Philus (mika vainio) - Kolmio EP

More absolutely killer, rare as hens teeth minimalism from the undisputed master of the genre - Mika Vainio. Kolmio is nothing short of a masterclass in pristine minimalism that sounds clearly like a pre-cursor not only to the precise tone arrangements of Alva.Noto but also to the bleep-driven reduced Techno of Hawtin, Sleeparchive et al. It's hard to believe this music dates from 1998, fr the finest frozen melodic patterns and endlessly deep, padded beats and precise bleep/tone arrangements ever made - look no further. Awesome. - Boomkat review


1 Ionit [clip]
2 Tele-ctro [clip]
3 Acidophilus [clip]
4 Kuvio 3 [clip]