Modern Feelings - s/t [vinyl]

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Take a quartet of free jazz/noise rock improvisers. Play them timestretched and detuned samples of muzak and smooth jazz. Ask them to play along and against the disorientating field of saccharine and dissonant structures. Modern Feelings. Anton Nikkila (electronics, guitar), Pekka Airaksinen (piano), Ari Salonen (bass), Samuli Tanner (drums, electronics).

The members of Modern Feelings represent four generations of Helsinki's musical underground. Anton Nikkilä (born 1965) has been there since the early 1980's post-punk moment, but is probably best known for his work with the Russian experimental musician Alexei Borisov which started in the mid-1990's. Pekka Airaksinen (b. 1945) was the musical mastermind behind the confrontational avant-garde collective The Sperm in the late 1960's and has won acclaim for his electronic free jazz during the 2000's. Samuli Tanner (aka Ponytail, World Bank, b. 1982) is involved in punk, dubstep and electronic/noise scenes through his numerous groups including Clouds, Tiiu Helinä, Toblerones and Myttys. Since the recording of Modern Feelings' first album the young jazz player Henri Nikkilä (b. 1995) has replaced bassist Ari Salonen (b. 1984), who now plays in the noise rock band Hopeajärvi.


1 Factography [clip]
2 Regular Face Paint Tablet Associations [clip]
3 Smooth Variations VI [clip]
4 Searching for the Heart of Blankness [clip]
5 Continuum Hypothesis [clip]