Martin Rev - Strangeworld

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1 My Strange World [clip]
2 Sparks [clip]
3 Solitude [clip]
4 Funny [clip]
5 Ramblin [clip]
6 Trouble [clip]
7 Splinters [clip]
8 Cartoons [clip]
9 One Track Mind [clip]
10 Chalky [clip]
11 Jacks And Aces [clip]
12 Reading My Mind [clip]
13 Day and Night [clip]

"Strangeworld is a delectable piece of raining-on-prom-night pop, and a fantasia for broken (hearted) synthesisers, and a doo-wob electro karaoke bar in a Phillip K Dick cityscape... It's a lot like Suicide's best opium bubblegum songs "Dream Baby Dream" and "Cheree" but better, sadder and weirder; without a hint of irony." Frances May Morgan (Plan B Feb/Mach 2006)