Carl Michael von Hausswolff - Addressing the Fallen Angel [vinyl]

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Premiera: 09.12.2019

... Addressing The Fallen Angel was meant to be released in 2003 but has been resting in the

vaults at the Sähkö fortress since then. I believe that the issue of r esponsibility is, at this
very moment, more urgent than ever as the whole world seem to be falling apart, not only
politically and morally but most of all ecologically and environmentally.
Now is the time to act - if ever! Now is the time to address the real fallen angel

- those responsible… even if that includes me!!

Carl Michael von Hausswolff
Stockholm, August 2019


1 Addressing the Fallen Angel, Pt. 1 [clip]
2 Addressing the Fallen Angel, Pt. 2 [clip]