Necks, The - Aether

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Zawsze inaczej - w swej długoletniej działalności, od 1989 roku The Necks nagrali szesnaście (!) albumów. "Aether" to ponad godzinna kompozycja, nie dająca się zaszufladkować w konkretnym gatunku. Można jednak rzec, że to minimalizm w swej podstawowej postaci.

Another remarkable performance from a group that has no peer and belongs to no genre or movement. Minimal in an essential and structural sense, they succeed where more formal attempts founder, in re-forming subjective time in a way that is genuinely gripping and as far from theoretical as great interpreters can get. Applying extraordinary technique in a remarkably discrete way, they here transfigure a single chord over a long duration, imperceptibly arriving far from their starting place meanwhile all values are subsumed into, and work only at the service of, a music that seems almost unplayed, emergent, inevitable. After all the statements are made there is a resurgence here of the sublime, in the last place you'd expect it, and through the unlikeliest means. An important project.

01 Aether 63:50