Faust - The Wumme Years 1970-73 [5CD]

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Faust - The Wumme Years 1970-73 [5CD]

Prawdziwa gratka dla fanów Fausta! Ekskluzywny, pięciopłytowy box z pierwszymi klasycznymi albumami pionierów krautrocka: 1. Faust (the first "clear" album), 2. So Far (the second "black" album), 3. The Faust Tapes (for the first time with a track listing), 4. 71 Minutes (The Last LP and Munic and Elsewhere Lps), 5. BBC Sessions + (classic radio session plus substantial extra material) Wszystkie płyty spakowane są w osobnych digipakach.

Contains- The first two Polydor albums, Faust and Faust So Far; The Faust Tapes (re-mastered with track listing); 71 Minutes and BBC Sessions + (includes the historic radio session, and substantial extra material, some of it never released); a 40 page booklet including specially made interviews with band members Jean Herve Peron and Jochen Irmler, reclusive producer Uwe Nettlebeck and legendary sound engineer Kurt Graupner, an eyewitness memoir by Peter Blegvad and many photographs, some from private collections, seen here for the first time. In a word, definitive. Note- The booklet alone can also be had (by demand I have to say) at a prohibitive 10 pounds.