Bob Drake - The Gardens Of Beastly Manor

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Premiera: 09.12.2019

A one-off interlude release of extraordinary instrumental compositions, completely through-composed and performed by an orchestra of Bob - on piano, 5-string resonator banjo, Farfisa organ, Korg MS20 synthesiser, electric and acoustic guitars, recorders, drums, bass, chromatic hand-bells, trombone, trumpet and violin. 22 exquisite, enigmatic and compressed vignettes, defying comparison, but demanding repeated audition. Highly recommended.

1. "Fountain Fauna"
2. "Rococo Raccoon & The Heavy Decor"
3. "Terminal Vista"
4. "With Evening Came The Unexpected"
5. "What The Walks The Maze By Night?"
6. "Rusted Gate Curiously Ajar"
7. "Under Sun & Silence"
8. "Thence An Inclined Path"
9. "And Another Weedy Pavillion Was Presented"
10. "So Sunk The Sunken Garden"
11. "The Path Is Not Always Evident"
12. "The Carvings Of Beastley Grotto"
13. "Night: What Once Adorned These?"
14. "Beware The Well Of Saint Untel"
15. "Broken Balustrades"
16. "The Helpful Badger"
17. "Night - What Slendour Has Befallen?"
18. "A Secret Was Always Provided" (part I)
19. "A Secret Was Always Provided" (part II)
20. "At Dusk: Phantom Hounds"
21. "The Shape Tells The Tale"
22. "If, Upon These Leaf-littered Pavements"