V/A - Blues ...Is Number One

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Only exclusive "blues" tracks of german-polish-british independent scene: Andrew Pekler, Laub, Donna Regina, Tarwater, Matt Elliott, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Jacaszek, Molr Drammaz, Pathman (people from polish legendary experimental band Atman) and many more...

Blues has many faces... Don't you believe? Check the most innovative experiment in the blues genre: a compilation from Gusstaff Records, where very popular and important artists form the electronic & independent scene from Germany, UK & Poland show how they understand Blues.

Gusstaff Records is a polish label, distribution as well as promo & booking agency. We have organized many tours in Poland, distributed & released the records from the artists featured on this compilation.

The idea of this album was born in the year 2000, we at Gusstaff Records have slowly collected these exclusive "blues" songs and wanted to release it in 2005, but we have waited for some tracks from the artists, they promised us last year... All tracks are exclusive and previously unreleased. There are no covers nor blues standards here, just the personal vision of Blues from the friends of Gusstaff Records.

"Blues is everywhere" is a slogan of course, but here we can prove that this is absolutely true. Just look at the tracklist, then you can suspect that this is the best blues album of the new millenium. No jokes.


track listing:

1. Jacaszek - Walk In Blue (02:34)

2. Andrew Pekler - Blues For Dorothy and Alice (04:47)

3. Laub - Coverin (04:06)

4. Donna Regina - Houston Blue (03:45)

5. Mołr Drammaz - Mołr Bagno Blues (02:32)

6. Tarwater - Subfusc (03:04)

7. Paul Wirkus and Mapstation - Spur Of The Moment (04:27)

8. Matt Elliott - Some Small Consolation (04:37)

9. Barbara Morgenstern - Basia Has Got The Blues! (03:27)

10. Pathman - Pathman Blues (Probably Green Onions) (03:51)

11. Manyfingers - Easy Target (04:04)

12. N-Noiz - Ain't Nothin' But Deformation (04:37)

13. Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Absence (01:08)

14. 2nd Hand Beatnix - Thank you America (03:51)

15. Starzy Singers - blues.wav shoes (06:02)

16. Rozkrock - O Jeden Kielonek Za Mało? (03:25)

17. Jacaszek - Close Miked Winter (04:22)


cover: http://gusstaff.com/images/va_blues_is_number_one_300.jpg

review from Boomkat:

Quite a great compilation this, coming from Poland's Gusstaff Records (who you might remember released the dark and haunting Jacaszek albums recently), with a lineup to die for. We've got the aforementioned Jacaszek, Andrew Pekler, Laub, Donna Regina, Mapstation, Tarwater, Manyfingers, Matt Elliott and Barbara Morgenstern among others turning in quite beautiful exclusive tracks, so as you can imagine this is a seriously bumper collection of quality music. The highlights quite unsurprisingly come from the ever-excellent Manyfingers and Matt Elliott, who follows his now well trodden path of drunken middle-European folk songs, kind of like Beirut with a jug of cheap malt whiskey to sup from and a baguette in tow. A surprising and concise collection of some of the best European alternative music at the moment, this is a compilation you can buy with safety! Recommended.