PETER J. BIRCH – The Shore Up In The Sky

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Release date: 30.10.2015

Peter J. Birch: His real name is Piotr Jan Brzeziński. Peter J. Birch lives and composes in Wołów, small town in Poland near Wrocław.

Peter J. Birch is currently one of the most active polish artists. This 24-year-old singer/songwriter has given over 400 concerts, not only all over Poland, but also in 18 other European countries. He played at Heineken Opener Festival (Poland) 2011 and 2013, one of the biggest music festivals in Europe, at OFF Festival 2013 (Poland), Melodica Festival 2012 (Germany), Poke Festival 2013 (Slovakia), Sound of Bronkow 2014 (Germany) and much more. Solo and with the band.


In 2013 his full lenght debut album "When The Sun's Risin' Over The Town" was released and got very positive press reviews in Poland and all arround Europe. His second album "Yearn" was released in September 2014 and had a good press as well.


This third album "The Shore Up In The Sky" (Gusstaff Records/Borówka Music) will hit the stores in November 2015 and is a new path chosen by the arist from Wołów. This time the young musician decided to record an album the way his idols did in the old days - live at the studio. The accompanying musicians are members of the band Two Timer from Poznań: Ernest Kałaczyński (guitar), Łukasz Rudnicki (bass) and Max Psuja (drums). The guys met on a first rehearsal and it worked right away so the musicians decided to register with them the whole album, which will be released this fall. There are also some special guests as well like Ania Brachaczek (BIFF) and Gosia Siara Witkowska (Qlhead + Siara).


On "The Shore Up In The Sky" Peter is looking for some another sounds close to his soul so you'll find it all on this album. Not only acoustic indie folk and alternative country but some more paths, from rhythm & blues till psychedelic garage rock.



1. Wake Up Louisiana!

2. Gallants

3. Self-Identity State Of Memory

4. Memphis Blues

5. Black Tombstone

6. New Prince

7. Old Fashioned Hollywood

8. I've Got This Train

9. Everyday Chances

10. Ownbackyard

11. The Shore Up In The Sky