Job Karma - Ebola [vinyl 180g + CD]

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The re-edition of the third Job Karma album, which was originally released in 2003 by Amplexus rec. in limited edition 470 copies.
Remastered in 2019 by Marcin Bociński.

Vinyl is 180g and contains free CD.

Audiovisual project established in Wrocław (Poland) in 1997. The members are Maciej Frett and Aureliusz Pisarzewski, with Arkadiusz Bagiński in charge of the visuals. The group hails from the post-industrial scene but with every new album the musicians cast their net wider into the extended field of dark electronica - from ambient to techno, dark wave and EBM. What remains unchanged is the quality of their music that, as the critics say, makes it “a movie for your ears”: picturesque and expressive, it is an ideal soundtrack for the never made film that the listeners can ‘see’ using their imagination.
The  group is famous for their suggestive live performances that combine music with the elements of animation and video art.
Since 2001 Frett and Bagiński, as Industrial Art, have been organising
WROCŁAW INDUSTRIAL FESTIVAL, showcasing contemporary industrial music and culture and dark electronica.

„ No, this is not happy trippy ambient. Think Deutsch Nepal and the very first album from Black Lung ('Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars') and you get some idea of this album. Sounds rather desolated, less psycho, like after an apocalypse. Creepy minimal ambient with voice samples, and repeated deep listening can affect your mood. But it has a very strong vibe, if you can jump over the desolated landscapes. It deals with human emotions, in his own way. Perfect movie music.”
ElectronichEad /

„What you can discern in this amalgam are the whines and sighs from various electric devices Maciek Frett and Aureliusz Pisarzewski have been collecting for years , subtle synths melodies, looped electroacoustic noises, unequivocally industrial ironwork-type rambles and crashes, and of course samples and voices. The impressive skills isn’t the end in itself, for Job Karma apparently plays emotion and seriously so it fails to be just enjoyable listening. Great work! „
Eld Rich Palmer fanzine


„Job Karma’s fourth release is the latest highlight in the industrial scene”
Paul Bijlsma - Phosphor Magazine

1. Ebola - 7:16
2. June - 4:15
3. Tension - 6:29
4. Crawling End - 6:05
5. Vermin - 3:21
6. Primitive Matter - 6:10
7. Sever - 13:20