Robert Hampson - Signaux [vinyl]

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1. Signaux 1 (17:56)
2. Signaux 2 (18:02)

Analogue Electronics System Recordings
?Recorded and mixed at Thirst

Sleeve photography: Grebo Gray?
Layout: David Coppenhall

Mastered by Rashad Becker @ Dubplates and Mastering
?DMM cut at Optimal

After the Répercussions CD+DVD, Robert Hampson returns with 2 vinyl LPs released simultaneously, but sold separately.
On Signaux Hampson sets up a rich tapestry of needle like high frequencies and subtle bass spreads, expertly woven into two side long pieces.

Signaux 1 is a 2 channel mix of a 8 channel diffusion at Planétarium ECM Mendes France, Poitiers in 2012. Whereas Signaux 2 is a new composition, made specifically for this release.

No computer manipulations are used. A computer is only utilized as a recording and editing device for the compositions.