Little Axe - Bought For A Dollar (Remastered) [vinyl 180g limited]

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Premiera: 24.09.2018

Winylowa limitowana (500 szt.) i numerowana reedycja płyty wydanej w 2008 roku przez wytwórnię Petera Gabriela Realworld.

Vinyl only – 180 Gram (strictly limited edition of 500 copies – paginated and serial numbered).
Little Axe, aka Skip McDonald, started his career in music back in the Seventies as a member of the
Sugarhill Gang backing band (already with longtime collaborators Doug Wimbish and Keith LeBlanc).
Later on the same musicians got involved with Adrian Sherwood and his much beloved progressive
Reggae/Dub label On-U-SOUNDS.
So far McDonald has released a total of 8 albums of his own under the Little Axe moniker.
Each of them recorded together with Adrian Sherwood, and each of them based around Little Axe’s very
own and contemporary version of the Blues, combining Blues with Dub, Cajun and Gospel sounds.
For the first time, and strictly limited to 500 each, Echo Beach offer you vinyl versions of the three albums
Little Axe released on Peter Gabriel’s Realworld label in the early years of our century.

Side A:
1. Soul Of A Man 4:11
2. Grinning 3:26
3. Take A Stroll 3:58
4. Hammerhead 5:20
Side B:
1. Can't Stop Walking Yet 5:54
2. Too Late 5:29
3. Another Friend Gone 5:55
4. Return 4:42