Xiu Xiu - Tu Mi Piaci [CD EP]

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Apart from releasing their next album, The Air Force, in September/October on 5RC (on Acuarela ONLY for Spain and Portugal), their new release is a five-song covers EP (think 2003's Fag Patrol and its Stewart-centric acoustic focus) with fascinating style and instrumentation and titled Tu mi piaci (“I like you”, in Italian).
Unlike Fag Patrol, however, these covers target non-Xiu Xiu material from folks like Air Force comrade Nedelle, Bauhaus, Alex Chilton/This Mortal Coil, Pussy Cat Dolls, and Nina Simone.

1   He Needs Me (2:00)
    Other [Originally Performed By] - Nina Simone 
2   Don't Cha (4:01)
    Other [Originally Performed By] - Pussycat Dolls 
3   Kangaroo (4:13)
    Other [Originally Performed By] - Alex Chilton , This Mortal Coil 
4   Blueberry Mine Shaft (2:53)
    Other [Originally Performed By] - Nedelle 
5   All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (4:53)
    Other [Originally Performed By] - Bauhaus