Xiu Xiu - The Air Force

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01 buzz saw  
02 boy soprano  
03 hello from eau claire  
04 vulture piano  
05 pj in the streets  
06 bishop, ca  
07 saint pedro glue stick  
08 the pineapple vs. the watermelon  
09 save me save me  
10 the fox and the rabbit  
11 wig master

+ bonus - hello from eau claire (video)

It comes in waves of nausea and unease. The Air Force is a wraith, and wraithlike it moves according to genuine, human rhythms; we see frontman Jamie Stewart staring into the void, or into the past, or dipping his hands into the sick pink hues of human grease, into bad love, suicide, rape, sex, stormy friendship, domination, dependency, with husky voiced lyrics that come rising up like steam from some deep and dark and cold dungeon miles below Earth's surface. It's a feverish and disturbing set
of 11 songs but just the same, it's some of the group's most accessible: producer Greg Saunier's (Deerhoof) multi-instrumental wizardry, David Horvitz' koto work, Devin Hoff's bass, Nedelle's violin, right down to Jamie and Caralee McElroy's lyrics and vocals. It's the kind of humanity we can all relate to.
(Make it through Caralee's feminist/dependency tone poem "Hello from Eau Claire" without feeling her frustration, and there might be something wrong inside you.)