Xiu Xiu - Fleshettes [CD-EP]

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singiel z 2004 roku

According to band leader Jamie Stewart, Xiu Xiu was conceived with the firm intention of telling real tales. And it’s proved to be so truthful to its word that the group’s music has been met with spectacular reactions, such as passionate e-mails from feverish fans or a thump on the chest at the end of a concert. It’s what you get from being a natural born exhibitionist and an unrepressed writer. The project started up back in the year 2000 in San Jose, California, led by Cory McCullough, Yvonne Chen, Laurie Andrews and the aforementioned Stewart, bringing together all kinds of styles and firing sharp lyrics at random. Their records have counted on the support of American Kill Rock Stars and 5 Rue Christine and European Tomlab. Edited in 2002. “Knife Play” was their LP debut, and made music stalkers paying upright attention. Thereafter, in only two seasons, their discography has expanded to include two more LPs plus a wide range of singles and maxis. “Fabulous Muscles”, which Acuarela edited in Spain in the same year, established the band’s reputation as a unique project with the overwhelming power to combine dark sound experiments, cosy acoustic guitar music and nervous pop beats with politically incorrect lyrics, a sort of pure an dirty realism tinted pink, somewhere between Joy Division and Aphex Twin, Suicide and Dennis Cooper. In their new single “Fleshettes” they once again expose old confessions amongst guitar notes and insidious feedback; carnal laments that seek their place amongst a jungle of echoes, insinuations and embarrassment. Two perfect tracks (one of them sung by Caralee McElroy) to discover what Xiu Xiu has to offer: a twisted universe full of flesh, bones and pure soul.

1   Fleshettes (3:12)
2   Helsabot Of Caraleebot (5:58)