The Album Leaf - Seal Beach [CD-EP]

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Muzyczny projekt multiinstrumentalisty Jimmy'ego LaValle, gitarzysty grupy Tristeza z San Diego w Kaliforni, który udzielał się także w innych tamtejszych formacjach (The Crimson Curse, The Locust, GoGoGo Airheart). LaValle jako solista supportował zespół Sigur Ros na ich europejskiej trasie, wyduszając ze swego półgodzinnego występu mnóstwo elektro-akustycznych dźwięków.
Niniejsza EPka jest nasycona delikatną i melodyjną elektroniką, z klawiszami, gitarą i perkusjonaliami i bez wokalu, co pozwala na otwartą interpretację tej nostalgicznej muzyki.

There's an ancient riddle that reads; "When does an EP become a mini-album and when does a mini-album become an LP?". Many have puzzled this conundrum only to stare bewilderment coldly in the face, the latest apparently being The Album Leaf who have even got brought their name in to do battle. FIGHT! Clocking in at 10 tracks (half remastered rare, half live) most people would have tried to flag this up as a full release, but the folk at Better Looking Records have deemed an EP to be a fair appraisal. Remastered since it's Spain only debut back in 2003, 'Seal Beach' opens with 'Malmo'; a proper bobby dazzler! Structured around a indietronica heart, 'Malmo' drifts with apparent freewill, taking in the likes of Jan Jelinek and even Slowdive on its journey. This beatific mood is maintained on 'Brennivin' (think a less indie inclined Notwist), 'For Jonathon' which has surely escaped from Morr and the beautiful title track that manages to slip Radiohead's 'How To Disappear Completely' strings amongst its icy charm. Add to this the previously unreleased live tracks (all recorded on tour with Sigur Ros in the lifeless Tabernacle Theatre, Atlanta) and you've got a bargain regardless of name.


1. Malmo
2. Brennivin
3. Seal Beach
4. Christiansands
5. One Minute

Dave McDonald - Engineer
Richard Sanderson - Artwork, Layout Design
Kjartan Sveinsson - Piano, Fender Rhodes, Glockenspiel
Jimmy LaValle - Piano, Engineer, Fender Rhodes
Orri Páll DýRason - Drums
Henry H Owings - Engineer
Luis Hermosillo - Bass
Matthew Resovich - Violin
Nathan Delffs - Keyboards, Lap Steel Guitar
Timothy Reece - Drums