Ora Cogan - Harbouring

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Ora Cogan urodziła się na małej kanadyjskiej wyspie, dorastała w domu, który był także studiem nagraniowym. Jej rodzice zajmowali się fotografią i śpiewem. Sama Ora zaczęła pisać piosenki i występować w wieku 12 lat. Dziś mieszka w Vancouver, a jej muzyczne inspiracje to blues, folk, americana i old-time. Płyta wydana przez Borne Recordings, nowy sublabel hiszpańskiej Acuareli.

Daughter to a Singer and a Photographer, born and raised on a small island on the west coast of Canada, Ora Cogan's house was also a recording studio and her family played host to a constant stream of musicians and travelers. Ora started writing songs and performing at the age of 12. Now based in Vancouver she stitches old-time, blues and Americana into her unique sound. Ora Cogan plays true folk, the kind that is strong and tells stories with a sense of urgency, be it heartbreak or revolution. This album is gorgeous, bitter sweet, and incredibly powerful. Ora's voice possesses that haunting, soulful quality that seems like its source is coming from deep deep within or beyond. Like a mysterious transplant from decades past, it's as though she opens her mouth and a lilting voice from the '20s comes drifting out. It's beautiful in its simplicity, just her and her guitar and a few banjo and back-up vocal additions.Borne Recordings is Acuarela’s new sub-label, managed by one of the organizers of the Tanned Tin festival and the Sons concerts cicle in Castellón.


1. Praires
2. Vatican City
3. The Way
4. You're Not Free
5. True Heart
6. My Belle
7. Destroyer
8. Archer
9. Cabin Fever
10. The Light
11. Riverside
12. You're Gonna Leave Me