Maquiladora - St. Cecilia's Drowning: White Sands and Ritual of Hearts revisited [2CD]

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Zremasterowane, podwójne wydanie czarodziejskiej muzyki Maquiladora (Eric Nielsen, Bruce McKenzie i Phil Beaumont) - kolekcja utworów z lat 1995 - 2002, plus dziewięć wcześniej niepublikowanych. W nagraniach udział wzięło wielu znakomitych gości, Pall Jenkins (Black Heart Procession, Mr. Tube), Tobias Nathaniel (Black Heart Procession) i Lynn (The God Machine). Instrumentarium stanowiły gitary, bębny, Hammond, pianino, ksylofon, akordeon, gitara stalowa, flet, a nawet piłka golfowa i inne.
Dwie płyty - White Sands oraz Ritual of Hearts. Naturalne dźwięki złotego krajobrazu Kaliforni, gdzie słoneczna spiekota nad pustynią styka się z orzeźwiającym błękitem Pacyfiku. Bzyczenie miodolubnych pszczół, morska bryza i kakofonia molochu San Diego. Pustelnicza i rytualna otoczka jaką stara się wytworzyć zespół prowadzi w psychodeliczny folk, nad którym unosi się pamięć o osadnikach, którzy przybyli na te tereny i pokochali je.

Maquiladora create songs from a sense of place. Eric Nielsen, Bruce McKenzie and Phil Beaumont (with occasional guests of Black Heart Procession, Modest Mouse and The God Machine) approach music from all sides, a sound which conjures up moods of the deserts and oceans providing a landscape that is both familiar and remotely distant. Acuarela is pleased to release a new take on Maquiladora's early works on St. Cecilia's Drowning - White Sands And Ritual Of Hearts Revisited. A re-mastered collection of songs recorded between 1995 and 2002, including nine previously unreleased songs, which present a graceful invitation into the musical journey of this reclusive band.

This is the natural sound of the sands of Alta California aglow in warm sunshine and awash in the cool blue Pacific. This is the sound of the golden landscape, a buzz with honey bees, sea breezes, and the spirit of natives and first Californians who came to live and love here. Tucked in the southwest corner of the US is San Diego, a city bordered on the north by suburban trail to Los Angeles, to the west by the spirit of the Pacific Ocean, to the east by the vast dimension of the Borrego Desert, and to the sound by the cacophony of sites and sounds that makes Tijuana, home of the busiest international border crossing in the World. Why the geography lesson? Because all these are constant source of inquiry and inspiration for Maquiladora. The band's name comes from their birth in a warehouse ("Maquiladora" is the Mexican term for a sweatshop). Lyrics were written on travels both foreign and internal. Albums recorded in former funeral chapels, warehouses, school halls and attics that send a homing call to resonant sounds that travel to places both familiar and strange. Made up of a painter, a stage actor and an elementary school headmaster, these musicians play for the love of it and find time in their lives to present their music in special places, switching instruments between players from song to song, and making careful decisions on when and where to play live.

St. Cecilia's Drowning compiles the re-releases of White Sands and Ritual Of Hearts with nine bonus tracks recorded during the same time period as the albums. Those two records forged the soul of a band that relied on their slow paced manners on following efforts such as A House All On Fire (Darla, 05) or their last recording 'til date, the half an hour plunge of The Gulf (Acuarela, 06). White Sands was recorded between the old Union and Beech warehouse and in the Corner Studio. It showed Maquiladora as a band who slowed down America's musical heritage to a dirge, inventing a new strain of Americana that sucked out all the twang and replace it with the expansion space of psychedelia. While White Sands journeys from the almost straightforward country of "Happy Day" to the creepy tinkling and eerie chants of "Termez 1936," the production suspends the songs in a wispy fog that lends cohesion and elegance to the record. Captivating, intriguing and moody, but ultimately accessible, this album has even been described as the perfect substitute for the unbalancing effects of drugs and dreams. Two years later, Ritual Of Hearts (originally released on Better Looking Records in 2002) founded welcoming ears where tasteful, somber depth used to be considered a coup. As Magnet's Magazine's Fred Mills, who also wrote liner notes for this newly re-mastered versions of the albums, puts it "on the second and third Maquiladora albums a sound as fully formed as I could wish from an artist. From White Sands opening strains, all rustic, country-folk-twang and elegiac vocal falsetto, to the shifting waves of tribal psychedelia that comes later on; from Ritual Of Hearts' minimalist, brooding blooze to its yearning, gospel-tinged drone-pop; from both records' invocations of everyone from Neil Young, Tom Waits, The Band to The Red House Painters, Giant Sand and Lambchop: Maquiladora's re-envisioning of the Americana form was profound, moving and utterly unique".

There are many guest appearances on these 2 CD's including Pall Jenkins (Black Heart Procession and Mr. Tube), Tobias Nathaniel (Black Heart Procession), Lynn (The God Machine) and more. The bonus tracks were selected from 200 minutes of unreleased material from the time period. The menu of instruments that catered to these recordings stretches from the expected guitar, drums and bass to Hammond organs, piano, melodica, xylophone, accordion, lap steel, flute, gas pump, golf ball, lungs, throats and tongues. This two disc boxed package is released with a twelve page booklet of art done by the band and Joe Plummer.



1. Prostitute Song
2. Julian
3.Happy Day
4. Little Miss R. C.
5. Ankle
6. So Far Away
7. Itchy Song
8. Termez 1936
9. Mr. Grey
10. Bueno Mis Amigos
11. Cousin
Bonus Tracks:
12. Light of the Rain
13. Itchy Song (Live at VPRO)
14. 12 Steps
15. A/part
16. After All

1. The Secret
2. Ritual of Hearts
3. Heaven
4. Sweet Afton
5. I’m In Love
6. A Vow
7. Sound Of Rain
8. Dream Of Snakes
9. Chinese Girl
10. Avow
11. She’s More Beautiful To Me Than Water And Pure
12. Static Hum