Aroah - El Día Después

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Aroah to pseudonim muzyczny Irene Tremblay, hiszpańskiej artystki śpiewającej także po angielsku i nagrywającej dla Acuareli. Jej narkotyczny, aksamitny głos opiera się o proste i ciepłe melodie, chociaż tematyka piosenek nie zawsze jest ciepła. W poetyckich tekstach pojawiają się demony, cienie i ponuractwo, ale psychodela ma swój równoważnik w postaci dodających otuchy utworach o porannym spacerze i promieniach słońca ześlizgujących się po liściach drzew. Aroah prezentuje muzykę, która ma emocjonalne cechy wspólne z takimi artystkami jak Joni Mitchell, Mazzy Star czy Cat Power.

01 amarillo  02 en los dias cuerdos  03 pastoral  04 la escala de las cosas  05 canción para follar  06 cifras  07 la maleta  08 el dia después  09 pequena y verde  10 nada

Aroah's much anticipated third studio long player, El día después, brings ten songs sung in Spanish where sincerity lays next to hope: smart, moving, stylistic and melancholic folk pop music that's often orchestral yet intimate. Irene Tremblay goes from somber blame into the brightness of a morning walk, like faint sunlight slipping through leaves. 29 minutes worth of poetry, rich instrumentation and sharp observations of everyday life.

Lots of things have happened since Irene R. Tremblay made her debut with "Cuando termines con todo, habrá terminado contigo", six songs that spread her name on everyone's lips. Firstly, two albums were released by Acuarela ("No podemos ser amigos" and "The Last Laugh"), and so did an EP with Nacho Vegas ("Seis canciones desde el norte", which is almost impossible to find nowadays). She has appeared in festivals such as FIB and Tanned Tin or Les femmes s'en melent in France, and performed in
different countries like Belgium, Russia, Holland, Italy, Mexico, Canada or the US. Tara Jane O'Neil, Greg Weeks, Manta Ray, Tristeza, Labradford, Retsin, Dawn Landes and, recently, Yo La Tengo are some artists Irene has shared stage with. She even saw her name starring a greatest hits compilation -properly entitled "The Best of Aroah"- which came out in the Japanese label Moorworks. But the strange thing about all this is that her story seems to have just begun.
El día después is a record of an intense, harsh reflection. Produced by Raül Fernandez (Refree), who also helped Irene crafting the acoustic and inspired atmosphere of "En el patio interior", an EP released about two years ago. In this new album, Irene's voice sounds like anew and clean. She now sings every line in Spanish (except for some words in English and French), surmounting all the shyness she has suffered from since she started writing lyrics. Not far from Ida, Mary Timony or Lisa
Germano (she has even been called "a Catpower you can relate to"), Irene now turns what used to be folk raised in an American hotbed into a sincere and moving and (often) orchestral pop. We either have to point out El día después is nearly a rupture with Aroah's first two records, or just mention she has chosen to take a new and adventurous path. Irene reveals all of her poetry, talent, humor and shy optimism throughout its 29 minutes. Aroah has grown older, wiser. All of her thoughts evolve in this touching album of beautiful simplicity.