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Agent Ribbons -

Żeńskie trio z Sacramento w natarciu: Natalie Gordon (gitara i wokal), Naomi Cherie (skrzypce) and Lauren Hess (perkusja). Ich muzykę określa się mianem "wiktoriańskiego punka" lub "White Stripes W Krainie Czarów", w rzeczy samej brzmienie Agent Ribbons kojarzy się z latami '50 i '60, ówczesnym bluesem, Niną Simone czy The Raincoats.
Przepiękne, przejmujące i pełne nostalgii piosenki mogą też kojarzyć się z inną współczesną artystką, insprującą się brzmieniami retro - coraz lepiej znaną w Polsce Rykardą Parasol.

Agent Ribbons are Natalie Gordon (guitar and vocals), Naomi Cherie (violin) and Lauren Hess (drums), a Sacramento trio (now residing in Austin, TX) whose music has been described as "Victorian punk" or “White Stripes locked in Wonderland”. Their sound is truly a reminiscent of the fifties and sixties blues, something like Nina Simone fronting The Raincoats.

Chateau Crone is Agent Ribbons second full-length album, following the band’s self-released On Time Travel and Romance and two vinyl singles released through Acuarela and Seven Inch Project. The album was recorded by Manny Nieto (The Breeders, HEALTH) and Scott McChane (editor of Tape Op) and features their most accomplished songs yet.

Each copy of Chateau Crone comes with a 24 page full-color booklet and a full-color temporary tattoo.

The story of Agent Ribbons has not one - but many - beginnings, and fashioning some semblance of chronology from their cut-and-paste four-year history is an art project in and of itself. Originally hailing from the shanty-Victorian streets of downtown Sacramento, they now reside in Austin, TX when they aren't traveling the world. Usually, you'll experience them as a three piece, but they are also known to keep it simple with the original two-piece guitar, drums and vocals line up. In either case, they almost always catch crowds off-guard with their live rawness, bringing both an honest minimalism and unapologetic theatricality to their live shows.

Agent Ribbons isn't just a band - it's a tree house club of post-feminist dreamers trying to find their place in the scheme of things, like a hand-sewn and lovingly-crafted garment in a modern, disposable world. Listening to everything from Eartha Kitt to Th­e Velvet Underground and taking notes from bands like ­The Shaggs, Th­e Boswell Sisters and ­The Zombies, they miraculously reconcile seemingly-unrelated genres, sounding something like Girls in the Garage doing the ­Three Penny Opera. Waxing sentimental over the eerie beauty of all things lost to time, the emphasis is undoubtedly in the lyrics, which favor clever turns of phrase and occasional humor, but never at the expense of the melodic integrity of their catchy, memorable songs.

Since 2007, the band has toured with big national acts like Camera Obscura, Cake, Detroit Cobras and Girl in a Coma. Despite having been banned in the UK in 2008, they have an ever-increasing presence in Europe and in 2009 released a popular vinyl seven inch with Acuarela Discos in Europe and Japan entitled Your Love is the Smallest Doll. They have also played Tanned Tin festival in 2008 and showcased for Primavera Sound in 2009.

Their sophomore album Chateau Crone has been recorded in both digital and analog formats over the course of a year. With delicate violin arrangements, noisy dissonant tangents, Spector-esque vocal harmonies and clever melodic phrasing, the album cannot commit to a genre but always manages to sound like the same brand of baroque pop.

Agent Ribbons 'Chateau Crone' is one of Everett True's top 5 albums for 2010! >

- It´s also inmiment a very positive review at Pitchfork Media.   This is all good news…


I'm Alright         
Grey Gardens         
Dada Girlfriend         
I'll Let You Be My Baby         
I Was Born To Sing Sad Songs         
Wallpaper Of Skin         
Your Hands, My Hands         
Oh, La La!         
Rubik's Cube         
Wood, Lead, Rubber