General Magic - Rechenkönig

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Arguably the definitive statement from General Magic, Rechenkonig brings together all the elements that shape the Mego sound. Over the course of this album you'll be exposed to what sounds like appliances gone wrong, 8bit soundchips burning out and some of the most inventive audio obliteration around. The key to General Magic's success is that they're not afraid of letting humour into their work, and it's the awkward tangle between the slapstick annihilation of sound sources and the band's uncompromisingly experimental impulse that makes this album sound as fresh as it does. The 26 tracks here offer different snapshots of the duo's varying approaches to sculpting and generating digital sound. At times you'll think you're listening to Fennesz ('Annegieren Pritzelary', at others, some anonymous skipping CD ('Subdataselten Ab Beeheeolmurle' or 'Aufority'), but there's always something radical to challenge even the most adventurous pair of ears. Awesome.


I Love You         
In Teil Kotzen         
Vor Ice Wundern         
Not Fisch Proput         
Raus Space Lurgen         
Into Engine Winken         
From Bypass Wundern         
A La Optik Abpoltern         
Annegieren Pritzelary         
Nur Commerce Duflirten         
In Kupplung Minidürsten         
Not Our Multi Avantvenir         
Nur Its System Subharshen         
Not D'a Schwammerl Schönen         
Nur Wessen Power Betazucken         
Vor Deh Schnuller Nachlocken         
From Its Sicherheit Bugwippen         
Subdataselten Ab Beeheeolmurle         
Mademoiselle Commerce Reschaben