DUB SPENCER & TRANCE HILL - Physical Echoes [vinyl 2LP+CD]

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“A true Bromance with Pink, Roots, Dub, Electro rumbling and Floyd…!”

Since 2006, Dub Spencer & Trance Hill have been releasing their musical visions and epochal sound designs on ECHO BEACH since 2006. As well as a series of successful albums with their own material, including Nitro, Return Of The Supercops, Too Big Too Fail, and LIVE / Remixed, they have also released concept albums such as Riding Strange Horse, The Clashification Of Dub and William S. Burroughs In Dub. DS&TH tend to approach these topics as POPdiskurs soundtracks referencing the great names of our day and age: The Clash, Burroughs, Metallica, Genesis, Deep Purple, Falco and others - all projects that have created a massive stir on the dub scene. The band’s incredible and never-ending passion for playing combined with an ultra-sharp instinct and independent spirit in sounds, technical skill on their instruments flow into sound spheres that echo far beyond the Swiss Alps and across the continent. Their love of minimalist electronic dance music with epochal endings and with a clear focus on the eye of the DUB reaches a climax on Physical Echoes. The album grabs electro, ambient and dance and takes them for a ride on the horizontal axis, adding roots on the vertical. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill have opened themselves up to a comparison with Pink Floyd meets King Tubby meets LCD Soundsystem, and on P.E. swing from electro sounds with infiltrated hypnosis to subversive bass lines all the way through to washed-out blueprints and voids in the context of SPACE IS KING and Physical Echoes...!