Camouflage - Methods Of Silence (2CD)

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Founded in the southern German city of Bietigheim-Bissingen by Heiko Maile, Oliver Kreyssig and Marcus Meyn in the year 1984, the band Camouflage scored an unexpected international hit with their debut album Voices & Images in 1988. One of the tracks in particular, The Great Commandment, went on to become a perennial classic of the synth pop genre.
Their sophomore album Methods Of Silence, released just a year later, was an even bigger success. The band produced the record in Brussels, working on the songs with Dan Lacksman (Telex). Love Is A Shield, the first single cut, has endured as a worldwide dancefloor anthem and is even a popular choice at weddings in South America.
To mark the 30th anniversary of the album, the band opened up the archives to assemble a special bonus edition including a wealth of rare and unreleased recordings, limited to 1500 double CDs.

Tracklisting CD1

1. One Fine Day
2. Love Is A Shield
3. Anyone
4. Your Skinhead Is The Dream
5. On Islands
6 .Feeling Down
7. Sooner Than We Think
8. A Picture Of Life
9. Les Rues
10. Rue De Moorslede
11. Love Is A Shield (Extended Version)
12. The Story Of The Falling Fighters (Extended Version)
13. One Fine Day (Daylight-Mix)

Tracklisting CD2

1. Kling Klang
2. Xenophobia / My Finger Makes Waves In You 3. Love Is A Shield (US 12" Orbit Mix)
4. Love Is A Shield (US Orbit Dub Mix)
5. Love Is A Shield (US Ambient Orbit Mix)
6. Feeling Down (Rough Mix - Extended Version) 7. Sooner Than We Think (Ambient Mix)
8. Les Rues (Harmonium Mix)
9. Kling Klang (Alternative Mix)
10. A Picture Of Life (Rough Mix)
11. Anyone (Rough Mix)
12. Anyone (Demo)
13. A Picture Of Life (Demo)
14. The Story Of The Falling Fighters (Demo)
15. Love Is A Shield (Preproduction Demo 1988) 16. Not Enough (Demo)
17. Descending (Demo)
18. Love Is A Shield (Demo 1988)