Groundation - The Next Generation [vinyl 2LP]

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Nowa płyta, premiera; 10-10-2018

GROUNDATION finally returns after a 3 years hiatus; debuting accomplished new members, brand new music and that true to form improvisational Reggae/Jazz experience. Carrying on GROUNDATION’s rich history and the high standards, that were set by the musicians before; honouring what was done and pushing further still. A new generation formed in the SONOMA Jazz University too takes the reins with still the famous sound engineer JIM FOX who’s making THE GROUNDATION’s music since the beginning.

Today download the first singles exclusively « My Shield » and « Fossil Fuels » which will be available in June 22th with the new album pre-orders.

From the opening drum fill to the down beat « Fossil Fuels » sets a decisive tone. Delivered on a driving one-drop rhythm « Fossil Fuels » grooves alongside a powerful political and social message. Lead singer Harrison Stafford speaks to mankind’s addiction to this costly non-renewable energy resource while offering ideas for possible solutions.

Musically « My Shield » is an African influenced web of melodic and rhythmic patterns over a 6/4 beat. The way the bass and guitar lines interact as well as the bass and drums while the keyboards dance on top; the groove is otherworldly. Lyrically it’s giving thanks to Jah, the positive spirit that acts as a « shield » of protection against all negative forces. This spirit is manifested through music and this song reminds us of the briefness of this life and the greatest of Jah.

A1     Vanity     
A2     One But Ten     
A3     New Life     
B1     Warrior Blues     
B2     Lion In Man     
B3     Prophets and Profit     
C1     Hero     
C2     Fossil Fuels     
C3     My Shield     
D1     Try Me     
D2     Father and Child