V/A - Ethiopiques Box Vol. 2 [vinyl Lim.Ed. 6x7" Box]

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Following the success of volume 1, sold out at the record store day 2017, we decided with Francis Falceto to give a follow up to this boxset of Ethiopian singles. Francis plunged into his impressive collection of Ethiopian records to bring out colorful pearls. There are great names of the golden age of Ethiopian music such as Mahmoud Ahmed, Alemayéhu Eshété, Ali Mohamed Birra but also less known artists to be rediscovered as Muluquen Meléssé, Alayew Mesfin or Seyoum Gebreyes.
This box is a tribute to the Ethiopian music producer Ali Tango, who produced most of these EP's!!

Reissue for the first time of original Ethiopian 7inch with the beautiful artwork.
6 different 7inch plus a poster and 6 stickers included in a boxset.
Track Selection, by Francis Falceto (ethiopiques series founder and Ethiopian music specialist)

1. Alemayéhu Eshete "Tashamanaletch" 04:07
2. Alemayéhu Eshete "Wubé alem" 03:45
3. Ali Mohamed Birra "Eshurruru" 04:48
4. Ali Mohamed Birra "Inyaadi'ini" 04:29
5. Ayalew Mesfin "Gud aderegetchegn" 03:48
6. Ayalew Mesfin "Feqer aydelem wey" 04:07
7. Mahmoud Ahmed "Erè Mèla Mèla" 04:39
8. Mahmoud Ahmed "Mètché Nèw" 03:25
9. Mahmoud Ahmed "Abbay Mado" 03:18
10. Mahmoud Ahmed "Embwa Bèlèw" 03:38
11. Muluquen Mélléssé "Tezeta" 05:04
12. Muluquen Mélléssé "Alagencewhaten" 04:04
13. Seyoum Gebreyes "Metch ene terf felegh"u 02:21
14. Seyoum Gebreyes "Muziqa muziqa" 03:43