UnicaZürn - Sensudestricto [vinyl]

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Premiera: 10.05.2019

UnicaZürn (David Knight and Stephen Thrower)

UnicaZürn's core instrumentation blends analogue synthesiser, mellotron and electric piano with electric guitar and saxophone. Knight is reknowned for his pioneering multi-textured fretwork with Danielle Dax and Shock-Headed Peters, and his ambient guitar settings for Lydia Lunch, while Thrower's reed playing provided rage and melancholy in Coil and turns to electro-acoustic texture in Cyclobe.


1 For the Dark Planets [clip]
2 Into Burning Labyrinths (Fuse-Fire-Seed) [clip]
3 Stems of Shadowmind [clip]
4 A Gulp of Moss a Breath of Stone [clip]
5 Frozen Scars and Laudanum [clip]