THE SUN RA ARKESTRA - Live in Nickelsdorf 1984 [vinyl 4LP-Box]

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Koncert z 1984 roku na 4 płytach LP. Wydawnictwo limitowane.

The great Sun Ra Arkestra, live at Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf, Austria on March 11th, 1984. This is a recording of the entire -- nearly three hour -- performance. Personnel for this show was Sun Ra (piano, synth, vocals); John Gilmore (tenor saxophone, clarinet, evi, vocals); Marshall Allen (alto saxophone, flute, kora, percussion); Danny Ray Thompson (baritone saxophone, flute, percussion); Eloe Omoe (Leroy Taylor) (alto saxophone, bass clarinet, percussion); James Jackson (basoon, flute, drums, vocals); Ronnie Brown (trumpet); Rollo Radford (standup bass); Don Mumford (drums); Matthew Brown (congas, dance); Myriam Broche (dance); Greg Pratt (dance).

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