Spooky Attraction From A Distance - Sunflower Sutra

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Juliana Venter - wokalistka z RPA oraz Joseph Suchy - znany ze współpracy z Burntem Friedmanem, Ekkehardem Ehlersem i Reuberem stworzyli atmosferyczny, wymykający się jednoznacznej klasyfikacji album. Songwriting spotyka się z folkiem, improwizacją, eksperymentem i jazzem.

Unique South African singer, Juliana Venter (Mud Ensemble), and Bavarian innovator of modern music, Joseph Suchy (Burnt Friedman, Ekkehard Ehlers, Reuber), present their beautifully mysterious debut album under the moniker Spooky Attraction From A Distance. Recorded in Berlin, "Sunflower Sutra" is a rich and diverse album - deep, fresh, harsh and far removed from any musical conventions. In Spooky Attraction From A Distance, Suchy and Venter have become an uncompromising unit that offers new concepts in combining improv, new music and folk. Their sound is unexpected and unpredictable, sensitive and emotional.


1 Voodoo Claim     3:39     
2 White Ant     3:58     
3 New Apples     4:25     
4 Ende Des Herbstes     5:18     
5 Two Black Sheep     4:03     
6 Wajunga Red Dog     1:41     
7 Earth Breathing Sun     3:56     
8 Sandbar     4:11     
9 Geisterteilchen     4:26     
10 Komkommer Toebrooidjie     6:17     
11 Sunflower Sutra     6:11     
12 The Wanderer     2:26