Rimbaud - Rimbaud (Budzyński/Jacaszek/Trzaska)

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    Matinee d'ivresse

    Fetes de la faim



    Jesteście fałszywymi murzynami

    Ja to ktoś inny

RIMBAUD: Budzyński / Trzaska / Jacaszek

RIMBAUD is the outcome of an unexpected meeting of three outstanding personalities in the Polish music scene: saxophonist Mikołaj Trzaska, composer and producer Michał Jacaszek and the punk-rock legend Tomasz Budzyński.

The music on the record is a captivating mix of free-jazz, electronica and punk. These three personalities – three vectors – create three distinct dynamics, each element following its own trajectory. However, with all their various means of expression and styles they manage to create a structure full of trance and surprise. And this combination of improvisation, electronica and vocal experiment may prove to be the greatest artistic sensation on the Polish music scene in 2015.

RIMBAUD is a musical response to the visionary works of the French poet. Intense, rapid and colourful images of Arthur Rimbaud have provoked the artists to search for  sonic equivalents of the endless spaces, intimate whispers, obsessive repetitions, and the destructive force of sea waves. A tap of your finger on the drum looses all sounds and begins the fresh harmony. (Rimbaud, Illuminations)


Tomasz Budzyński
Singer, painter, poet. In his 30 years of musical activity he has played with the legendary bands Siekiera, Armia, 2Tm2,3 and Trupia Czaszka. He records solo albums, makes films and writes books.

Michał Jacaszek
A composer and producer of electro-acoustic music,  author of soundtracks for film and theater. His debut album in 2004, Lo-fi Stories, was released by Gusstaff records. Jacaszek has developed unconventional methods of sampling, using archaic recordings and field-recording, drawing inspiration from classical music – from Baroque to contemporary avant-garde. A self-proclaimed romantic.

Mikołaj Trzaska
Saxophonist and bass clarinetist, co-founder of the legendary jazz mavericks Miłość, currently involved mainly in free jazz and improv. His regular projects include Shofar, Ircha, Ken Vandermark’s Resonance tentet, Peter Brötzmann’s North Quartet and the Riverloam tario co-created with British musicians Mark Sanders and Olie Brice. Trzaska is also a composer of music for theater and film (permanently cooperates with the famous Polish director Wojciech Smarzowski) and has a musical-literary project with the writer Andrzej Stasiuk.