Missouri - Run With The People And Hunt With The Hare [vinyl LP+DVD]

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Limitowany winyl plus DVD!

The addicted reader just got hold of the fourth MISSOURI-Album and should therefore stop reading right now and start listening to the record instead - without being preoccupied. And this for various good reasons:FirstThe author will - very likely - twist his or her tongue while trying to come up with a label for the music on Run With The People And Hunt With The Hare. Consequently, she or he would be well advised to receive her or his own impressions, not influenced by somebody elses' associations.SecondThere is not much to say about that album. And the album itself doesn`t want to say anything. Just to make the reader start dancing. To shut up and move. To let loose in a stylish way. There is no hidden message, nothing between the lines. The first four words of the opener "Bloodflow" show the way: "It`s All About Style". So close your eyes and do some serious booty shaking!On Run With The People And Hunt With The Hare MISSOURI finally freed themselves. Call it whatever you like - electro-soul, deep-down-and-dirty R&B or casio-funk&blues - but there is nothing you could compare it with. And definitely not many have as much style and grace."What goes up must come down" Red sings in "Up And Down" to a beat that is pushing softly and a funky guitar lick. The coolness in the songs comes from the coolness within. The loser at the bar starts lingering to the dancefloor, the drink still in his hands, without looking back. It`s Michael Caine as Marvin Gaye. It`s discomusic for existentialists. It pushes forward and goes deep inside. What the writer wanted to say is: the new MISSOURI-Album is the hottest shit.ThirdRecord release promotion texts should be read with care. The mature listener needs nobody to take him by the hand.


01 Bloodflow 3:27
02 Sister Sister 4:53
03 Up And Down 3:40
04 I'm Your Keyboard 4:24
05 If You Got The Devil In You Girl 4:29
06 This Is A Robbery 2:38
07 Frankie Teardrop 5:53
08 Move On 3:53
09 Run With The Hare And Hunt With The Hounds 3:10
10 The Last Episode 6:37