Luc Ex - Music Of Inevitable Sounds

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With this project Luc Ex explores the liminal zone where sound and music overlap or merge. Driven by a passion for both, he has created work for medium-sized ensemble that is based on specific environmental sounds. Our entire world is brimming with sound; an omnipresent phenomenon that is hard to escape in many spheres of modern society. Each piece springs from a specific sound e.g. ventilators, concrete mixers, people talking loudly into their phones, building sites, robots. These elements add up to a beautiful musical painting, which straddles the middle ground between contemporary music and urban soundscapes while giving a knowing wink to the oeuvres of people like John Cage, Harry Partch or Luigi Russolo.

recorded in Bologna and Den Haag 2018

1 March Of The Ventilators
2 Ode To The Machine
3 Bouwput ô Bouwput
4 63 Bilj. Tonnes Of Concrete
5 Obtrusive
6 Loud Speaking People
7 City Shakes
8 Drive Yourself Fitter