Kodian Trio - III

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Premiera: 27.09.2019

Kodian Trio have only been together since 2015. The trio of Colin Webster on alto sax, Andrew Lisle on drums, and Dirk Serries on electric guitar has been touring extensively ever since their inception. The shared experiences of the road, studio, travel, evinces a group sound which is constantly shifting, solidifying, and disappearing completely - true to the essence of free improvisation.

Kodian Trio's 3rd studio album - and their second for Trost Records, was recorded in one intense live session at the White Noise studio in The Netherlands during a day-off on a European tour. On this album the trio shows the core strength as a unit gained from their live experiences, and a band in top shape. Yet within the turmoil there is also a sense of joy, and most importantly a perfect dialogue. KODIAN TRIO is not a power trio per se but a band that combines free jazz aesthetics with modern experimentation.

Andrew Lisle - drums
Dirk Serries - electric guitar
Colin Webster - alto sax

1: 8:38
2: 9:04
3: 14:55
4: 8:10
5: 8:11

release date - 27th of September 2019
Recording: White Noise Studio, Winterswijk, NL 2018
Mix: Marlon Wolterink
Mastering: Marlon Wolterink
Artwork: Lasse Marhaug
Publisher: Cien Fuegos