KILWATER - Kilwater

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Release date is 07.10.2016

Kilwater was formed in Poznań in 2011. Initially, the band played cover songs and their own, surf-rock styled compositions. After several member changes, in 2014 a five-person (previously associated with various formations from Poznań) line-up was established: Marcin "Boogie" Wieczorkiewicz - guitarist, leader and author of most compositions (also known as DJ Boogie, former member of Danse Macabre, Brakdanych and Hellow Dog), drummer Adam Nastawski (Plum, a.k.a DJ Człowiek), bassist Grzegorz Książkiewicz (Snowman), keyboardist Marcin Szczęsny (since 2014, also a Snowman member) and saxophonist Michał Fetler (Tsigunz Fanfara Avantura, TonyTony). Debut album was created in Albert Hofmann's Studio (, in Poznań. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Bartłomiej Frank. The album consists of eleven instrumental pieces and two songs, featuring Gosia "Siara" Witkowska and Peter J. Birch. The band describes their music as a psychedelic movie surf rock. On the calm surface of rock'n'roll basin, Kilwater encounters a storm of progressive rock and jazz improvisations. Guitar sails - supported by a solid, rhythmic mast - are being tossed by the squall force of saxophone and synthesizers. Psychedelic wailing sirens and nymphs can be heard in the musical depths of Kilwater music, which is often backed by funky echoes of 70s action TV series.

1. Sadly Trip
2. Beverly Kills
3. Samana Cay
4. Stoned Dragonfly
5. Boom! (And You're Gone) feat. Peter J. Birch
6. Dama z Pajunem
7. George On Red Street
8. Dark Side feat. Gosia "Siara" Witkowska
9. Yanosik Escape
10. Salacja
11. Abe Ubu
12. Autostopowicz
13. Bułgaria '88