Jump For Joy! - Bat Pullover

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Assembled from attendees at Jean-Herve Peron’s 2014 Avanf Garde festival JfJ consisted of Jean-Herve and Zappi from Faust, Geraldine Swayne, Yumi Hara, Geoff Leigh and Chris Cutler. Another attendee invited them to play at her festival in Goteborg the following summer and this is a (far from perfect) recording of that concert (too much drums and keyboard and not enough of everyone else until 2/3 the way through), but it is what it is until there’s something else.


Put Put Epidemik 4:33
Situation Normal 4:59
Soleil Cheval Malade 2:17
Nie Wieder Avantgarde 5:13
Jump For Joy! Part I: Time 4:15
Amusements & Excitations 5:57
InstruMental 3:53
Jump For Joy! Part II: Borborismes Barbares 11:24