Fuck You [DVD by Guy-Marc Hinant & Dominique Lohle]

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Fucking Noise in China Now!

Zbigniew Karkowski
Dickson Dee
Torturing Nurse
Wang Changcun
Li Jian Hung
Sun Meng Jin
Wang Fan

100 minutes of electronic noise music and harsh speeches: a road movie between Beijing and Shanghai
featuring Torturing Nurse, Wang Changcun, Wang Fan, Li Jian Hung / Dickson Dee, the poet Sun Meng Jin and Zbigniew Karkowski as radical red line.

We went on a trip, with a vision that may have confused feelings of revolt with revolt itself, expecting to shoot a monument to the glory of Noise "as a subversive action" in the People's Republic of China. After spending a few hours on site, we had to admit that nothing political was being expressed in this place and at this time. In two weeks, we still shot about a hundred hours of rushes, in a totally chaotic fashion, as if in the throes of panic.
OME team