Dr. Israel - In Dub

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Premiera: 31.03.2020

Dr. Israel is a dub artist from Brooklyn/ New York City. For him, dub music - originally rooted in 1960s Jamaican reggae culture - is the starting point to explore a universe of sounds, including hardcore punk,àrock, hip-hop, ambient, electronics, reggae, drum and bass. A global melting pot of a wild variety of musical styles. Douglas Bennett aka DR. Israel (Jamaicans gave him his artist name when he lived for a while in a Niyabinghi community and became a Rastafari) discovered what he calls "non-traditional" reggae while playing guitar in punk rock bands in his native Philadelphia. His inspirations and influences include punk/reggae hybridists Bad Brains and ragga/hip-hop pioneer Boogie Down Productions as well as 1980s Reggae stars like Sly & Robbie and Black Uhuru.

1 Slaver (DJ Olive Remix)
2 Tomorrow (Escape To Brooklyn Dub)
3 Equal Rights
4 Equal Dub
5 Bottom (Down In The ... )
6 Africa Youth
7 Addis Ababa (Concsious dub Version)
8 Dubvivor
9 Israel
10 Dub Out Tonight
11 Revolution Dub
12 Dub Inna Babylon
13 Dub with Me
14 Gangsta `N Police ft. Killah Priest (Dub)
15 Final Resistance (Dub Mix)